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Considering a complete makeover of your home's exterior? It's a big decision, and a big investment. But if you do it right, the result can be both aesthetically and financially rewarding by adding value when you decide to sell your home.

This often entails changing out everything but the bones of your home’s exterior. Once you have your inspiration photos and a rough budget in mind, sit down with a representative of JE Roofing & Construction, Inc. to help better gather your ideas and set a budget.

New siding, can change the color, surface and texture of your home. The best vinyl sidings brands offer an assortment of beautiful fade-resistant colors in various realistic textures. Stone and brick (or brick or stone veneer) create a custom finish.

New windows let in the sun, ease in cleaning and insulate from drafts. They can brighten up the interior and define your exterior.

Don’t overlook the trim, which does more than secure the siding to your home and elements like windows and doors; it’s the icing on the cake. Details make a difference, and the trim makes the details distinctive to your home.

Our craftsmen carefully wrap windows and doors with aluminum to produce a clean finished look. Each feature is caulked in a matching color, simply because it's the right way to do the job.

We make sure that every joint is sealed and secured for durability. This quality of work requires expert workmanship to achieve the desired look, and you can trust the skilled hands of our siding specialists to pay attention to every detail. Your aluminum finishing should provide a weather-proof cap that protects the original materials. The finishing application must serve to safely direct water away from the original under-lying wood material and prevent infiltration of water into the window structure.

Once the aluminum finish is applied to exterior window and door casing (brick-moulding) and their associated parts is often referred to as window capping or window cladding. This sort of capping is typically applied in order to eliminate the need to re-paint and maintain wood windows.